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Table 1 In-depth interview guide with variant stakeholders

From: Perspectives of pharmaceutical stakeholders on determinants of medicines accessibility at the primary care level

Stakeholders Open-ended questions
a) The commercial and for-profit sector
b) Policymakers
c) Academic professor in faculty of pharmacy
d) WHO consultant
• Existence of a national medicines regulatory agency (NMRA) responsible for the promulgation and enforcement of regulations.
• Existence of a system for pharmaceutical registration.
• Existence of a pharmacovigilance system.
• Mechanisms exist for licensing, inspection, and quality control.
• Views about different pricing policies.
• Production and trade.
Pharmacists • Knowledge about the essential drug list (EDL).
• Existence of functioning mechanisms to improve dispensing practices.
• Existence of drug committee and what is its function.
• Opinion about the quality of generic versus brand.
• Percent of prescribed medicines from EDL.
• Percent of medicines prescribed by generic name.
• The percent availability and the average period of stock-outs of unexpired essential tracer medicines.
Physicians • Prescribing behavior of physicians
• Perception of affordability
• Attitudes of physicians toward generic drugs prescribing
• Relation to medical representatives
• Perception of EDL policies
• Perception and commitment to guidelines’ policies
• Perception and suggestions about pharmaceutical management