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Table 2 Logistic regression of the factors associated with ≥ 8 ANC contacts among women of reproductive age in Benin, West Africa, BDHS 2017–2018

From: Women’s enlightenment and early antenatal care initiation are determining factors for the use of eight or more antenatal visits in Benin: further analysis of the Demographic and Health Survey

VariableAOR95% CIP
Timing to ANC contacts initiation   
 Early booking (within 1st trimester)1.00  
 Late booking (after 1st trimester)0.030.00–0.210.001*
Women’s enlightenment level   
  1. Model adjusted for neighborhood socioeconomic disadvantaged level, decision-making power, age at 1st marriage, family type, preceding birth interval, religion, and health insurance coverage
  2. *Significant at p < 0.05