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Table 2 Activity related characteristics of the young adult internet users of Bangladesh, 2018

From: Prevalence and associated factors of internet addiction among young adults in Bangladesh

Variables with categoriesFrequency (No.)Percent (%)
Recommended amount of physical activity+
Current smoker
Length of internet use
 < 6 months347.5
 6–12 months265.7
 > 12 months39486.8
Device used to use the internet
 Mobile phone30266.5
Daily internet use duration
 < 1 h6213.7
 1–< 2 h11725.8
 2–< 3 h11525.3
 3 or 3+ h16035.2
Most used app/website
 Online video6815.0
 Internet gaming347.5
  1. +At least 150 min of moderate aerobic activity or 75 min of vigorous aerobic activity in a week