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Table 3 Personal influence over safety among participated physicians

From: Patient safety: knowledge, influence and attitude among physicians: an exploratory study

Influence itemSDaDaNaAaSAa
Able to ensure that patient safety is not compromised52.85631.36838.04625.742.2
Know how to talk to people who have made an error31.64624.97842.24725.4115.9
Telling Others about an error I made would be easy168.65328.55026.95529.6126.5
Confident about speaking to someone showing a lack of concern to a patient` safety158.24122.55530.25027.52111.5
It is easier to find someone to blame rather than focus on the causes of error3720.14926.62614.14826.12413.0
Filing in report forms will help to improve patient safety63.22312.42714.57439.85630.1
Able to talk about my own errors10.5126.54021.510154.33217.2
  1. aSD strongly disagree, D disagree, N neutral, A agree, SA strongly agree