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Table 2 Knowledge of participated physicians about errors and safety

From: Patient safety: knowledge, influence and attitude among physicians: an exploratory study

Knowledge item1 (low)2345 (high)
Ways of speaking up about error5430.26838.03620.11810.131.7
How to report an error6437.25230.23419.81810.542.3
The role of healthcare organizations in error reporting5932.45429.74725.81910.431.6
Different types of human errors4323.25831.45630.32211.963.2
What would happen if an error is made4725.46836.83317.82614.1115.9
Factors contributing to human error3518.95529.74624.93720.0126.5
Factors influencing patient safety189.74423.85730.84926.5179.2