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Table 2 The major pesticides used by tomato farmers in the west region of Cameroon, 2017

From: Pesticide usage and occupational hazards among farmers working in small-scale tomato farms in Cameroon

Pesticides Commercial name Active ingredients (AI) Chemical group WHO chemical AI hazard classification
Fungicide PLANTINEB 80 WP Maneb 80% Carbamate II
DITHANE M 45a, IVORY 80a Mancozeb 640, 800 g/kg Carbamate II
APRON 42 DSa Metalaxyl 80 g/kg Acylalanine II
CLEARY’S 3336b Carbendazim Benzimidazole II
TOPSIN Mb Thiophanate-methyl Benzimidazole II
Insecticides AKITO 25 EC, CIGOGNE 12 ECa, CYPALM 50 ECa, CYPERCAL 50 EC, CYPLANDIM 260 ECa Cypermethrin 12, 20, 50, 100 g/l Pyrethroid II
PARASTAR 40EC Imidaclopride 20 g/l + lambdacyhalothrine 20 g/l Pyrethroid II
PYRIFORCEa Chlorpyrifos-ethyl 600 g/l Organophosphorus II
THIONEX 35R ECa Endosulfan 350 g/l Organochlorine II
DIMEX 400ECa Dimethoate 400 g/l Organophosphorus II
Herbicide Gramoxonea Paraquat 200 g/l Bipyridylium II
ROUND UP 360a Glyphosate 360 g/l Glycine derivative III
Corral G Pendimethalin 500 g/L Dinitroaline III
  1. a = Obsolete. † = bNot enlisted on the Cameroon homologated list of pesticides. WHO classification class II = moderately hazardous and III = slightly hazardous